Dear visitors!

The supply of natural gas is carried out by our company on the basis of orders of buyers, which are considered responsible for this direction by the management on a competitive basis. The shipment of natural gas is carried out on own production, therefore, is limited by the extractive resources of our deposits.

Competitive consideration of purchasing orders is carried out on a monthly basis for the following month, calculating the planned production volume. Each order of the buyer is considered individually. When considering orders, the proposed purchase price, terms of payment, delivery volumes and regularity of the purchase are taken into account.

The deadline for receiving orders for the following month is the penultimate Thursday of the current month. The results of consideration of the order of the buyer are reported individually no later than three working days before the end of the current month.

Only authorized buyers are accepted for consideration. To complete identification, potential buyers must (in conjunction with the first order) complete and send the company questionnaire ** and its attachments.

** The questionnaire contains the necessary legal and contact information about a potential buyer. The list of this information is determined by the management of the company on the basis of current legislation. The Company undertakes to use the submitted personal data of potential buyers in strict accordance with the legislation regulating the handling of personal data and only for the purpose of considering the purchase order and the implementation of natural gas supply operations. A potential buyer is obligated to provide true information on the substance of the data.

The application form can be downloaded at the following link. You can send a questionnaire in the form of regular mail by postal details of the company, or in the form of a scanned copy of it by means of facsimile, e-mail, or via the online order form below.

Place an order for the purchase of natural gas as follows:

  • Personally through a responsible manager
  • In writing
  • Through online order form

An order in any form must necessarily contain the amount of the purchase. If desired, the proposed purchase price and the planned procurement period may also be indicated. In case if the planned procurement period exceeds one month, the volumes of the monthly sample of natural gas are indicated. This information can give preference to the competitive view of the order.

For ordering in writing you need to send to the postal address of the company a letter of free form containing the above information. This letter will be considered in case if it comes to the company before the above deadline for the order. The Company shall not be liable for any delays in the delivery of correspondence in any form or in any circumstances. The correspondence with the order must be addressed to the Responsible person for the conclusion of contracts for the supply of natural gas and the settlement of disputes between the Supplier and the Consumer.

To place an online order, you must fill in and send the following Order for Natural Gas.